GFS Got (DVD) Game for Scene It

NEW YORK Goldberg Fossa Seid Advertising is launching the second flight of an advertising campaign for the DVD-based trivia game Scene It.

Three 30-second ads for the game’s TV edition and two 15-second ads each for the James Bond and Turner Classic Movies versions broke last week and will run on national cable channels through mid-December, according to Ernie Fossa, co-owner of the New York agency. The ads combine footage from the movies and TV shows featured in Scene It with stylized cartoons of adults at a party, their attention drawn by the game.

One spot for the Bond game opens with the spy movie’s theme song and close-ups of all the actors that have played 007. “How many Bonds does it take to make a game?” a Miss Moneypenny-sounding voice asks. “All of them.” Another ad, for the TV edition, shows a young man who finds a tear in his shirt and has flashbacks to episodes of The Hulk.

The ads follow work by Young & Rubicam in Irvine, Calif., that bowed last year and during the fall this year for the original Scene It game, the junior and Disney editions, which are distributed to Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and others by mass-market partner Mattel. Scene It handles marketing in specialty stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City.

It is the New York agency’s first work for the client, which assigned the account in April, Fossa said.

Carl Weinstein, chief marketing officer at the client, said growing competition in the category, like this year’s Parker Bros. entry Shout About Movies, has not impacted the ad plans for Scene It.

“We invented the DVD game, we are the creator of the category,” Weinstein said. “All advertising that is geared to promoting DVD games is good for us because DVD games are still relatively new.”

Campaign spending details were not available.