Getting a Fresh Glimpse At Car Buyers’ Wish Lists

With all due respect to in-vehicle Internet access, consumers rank it well below safety features when listing the items they want in a new car. In a J.D. Power and Associates survey, 30 percent said they’re “definitely interested” in having run-flat tires on their next new vehicle. (The poll was conducted among people who’ve bought or leased at least one new car or light truck.) Another 57 percent are “probably interested” in this feature. Side-window security glass had similar appeal, with 28 percent definitely and 58 percent probably interested in it. By contrast, 7 percent definitely covet anin-vehicle Internet/e-mail feature, with21 percent probably wanting it. Satellite radio also ranked relatively low on the list, with 10 percent definitely and 31 percent probably interested in it. Consumers prefer technology devoted to comfort: 24 percent definitely want an “advanced temperature management system” (48 percent probably do), and 16 percent would definitely go for cooled seats (plus 44 percent probably doing so). Elsewhere in the poll, 64 percent said dialing a cell phone while driving is adistraction, while 9 percent said the same about tuning a car radio.