The value of art, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. Philip Slein, director of The Gallery of Art at St. Louis Community College, decided the advertising done by local agency Core is fit for the wine and cheese crowd.
Slein and Core put together an exhibit given the somewhat argumentative appellation, “Why advertising is art. Or why it can be. And why it should be.”
“I was blown away when I saw their work,” Slein said. “I had never been in an advertising agency where they were doing art-quality work.”
In its few short years of existence, Core has made a name for itself with eye-catching print work featuring blunt copy in unique typefaces for clients including Never Compromise Golf and Winchester ammunition.
Eric Tilford, Core’s creative director, says there’s no need to separate commerce and art.
“It’s both,” Tilford said of the shop’s work. “Nothing says the two can’t coexist peacefully. There’s no law that says advertising has to be schlocky, hack art.” –Trevor Jense