Will the real Muffin Man please stand up?
When Kellogg Co. wanted to add some Internet-only spots to its Muffin Man campaign for Eggo Toaster Muffins, agency Leo Burnett, Chicago, ran into one big problem. Specifically, the actor who portrayed the irate MM, who was put out of business by the new product in the TV spots, would not make himself available for further “Internet-only” work, explained creative
director Matt Horton.
Noting that casting was an important part of the campaign’s appeal, the agency was toying with holding a casting call for the new spots, when Horton realized he had the perfect substitute at his disposal. Horton, who had been taking improvisational-acting classes at Second City in Chicago, thought his instructor Dan Izzo was right for the part.
“He went off [in a scene] one day, and I thought he could pull it off,” Horton said.
The agency quickly cast Izzo in the role and shot the spots outside Chicago in late December. They can be viewed at the Web site.
–Aaron Baa