T&O Gets Racy for Car Wheels

Inspired in part by the movie The Fast and The Furious, an extensive print effort from the T&O Group seeks to capitalize on renewed interest in the aft-ermarket for car wheels.

The $5 million push for American Racing Wheels will break primarily in auto enthusiast magazines next month with work that is designed to tweak the imagination of young males. At least 10 ads for the Rancho Dominguez, Calif.-based client will appear, each focusing on one of four product lines.

An ad for the Epic line of wheels, which T&O said is aimed at “upscale hip-hoppers,” slyly suggests that chrome wheels may be sexually arousing. “You’ll be torn between mounting them or putting them on your car,” states the ad. Another says, ” It’s like buying your car a lap dance on its birthday.”

“It’s about sex and it’s about primeval urges,” said Scott Montgomery, ecd of the Irvine, Calif., shop. “The Fast and The Furious did a lot for this category. That is the type of emotion we are trying to tap into.”

Client vp of sales Steve Kelly noted that ARW has a product-placement deal for the movie’s sequel.

Ads for the other lines are not as racy but still have an edge. One for American Racing products, which T&O said targets “mainstream men,” has a photo of a wheel splashing through a puddle. The caption, appearing as though it is engraved in steel, reads, “It’s kind of like a beauty queen who mud wrestles for the talent competition.”