Get Out The Vote

DDB decided to toot its horn a bit, and perhaps influence a vote or two, with an ad touting its Emmy nomination in “Outstanding Commercial” category for an Anheuser-Busch spot.

Promoting a spot that broke during last season’s Super Bowl, the Chicago agency’s print ad ran in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety. The spot features actor Clyde Tull, who plays a Texan drinking a Budweiser in an East Coast bar full of wise guys.

Tull is greeted by the tough guys featured in A-B’s “How you doin’?” campaign. The Texan replies, “I’m doing fine. Just got in today,” and rambles on about his trip and the local airport.

DDB’s print execution shows Tull holding a Bud with copy that repeats his main line, “I’m doing fine,” and suggests the commercial to Emmy voters “For your Emmy consideration.”

“It’s an unusual way to promote the TV ad,” said Vinny Warren, the spot’s copywriter, who also created the print effort.

The Emmy will be awarded on Sept. 14 at the Creative Arts Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.