Germ Warfare Is Hell

Trade shows are rarely controversial, and countertops even less so. But Formica’s booth at the recent National Kitchen/Bath Industries Show in Chicago drew a swarm of micro-organic protesters.
Dressed in colorful costumes and carrying signs proclaiming, “Micro-organisms have rights too,” the protesters – there at the behest of Formica’s agency, Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis – were “decrying” the launch of Formica’s new product, which pairs its countertop laminate with antibacterial protection.
“Formica laminate with Microban is a very good thing for everyone but micro-organisms,” said group creative director Jud Smith. “That injustice needs to be addressed.”
Proving they were good sports about the “controversy,” Formica employees working the booth wore lab coats to prove their commitment to this “germ warfare.”
–Aaron Baar