Geppetto Group, Reebok Intro Girls’ Shoe Line

NEW YORK Reebok will break a back-to-school TV spot this week targeting girls ages 6-11 to support its new Sweet line of glittery fashion shoes.

The spot, “Sweet Shoppe,” via The Geppetto Group in New York, will break today and run for two weeks on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, ABC Kids, ABC Family and TBS, the agency said.

The 30-second spot shows a group of ‘tweens in a store eyeing decoratively wrapped products that appear to be candy, chocolate bars and others goodies. Looking closer, they see the store actually is filled with Reebok Sweets. The tagline is “Eye candy for your feet.”

“We wanted to put this shoe in the context of something that already holds an emotional relevance for the young girl target audience,” said Chris McKee, chief creative director of The Geppetto Group, in a statement. “Candy is a cultural icon with girls of this age and the word ‘sweet’ expresses the indulgent, positive qualities that strengthen the connection to the Reebok Sweets brand.”