Involvement With Media Through the Ages

They grew up with television, and they haven’t yet outgrown it. Analyzing how different generations relate to the media, a Yankelovich Partners report says baby boomers are more likely than either their elders (termed “Matures”) or Gen Xers to pay close attention to the TV set when it’s on. You can judge for yourself whether this speaks well for boomers’ powers of concentration or speaks poorly for their powers of judgment. Xers are partial to “nontextual” information, with 54 percent embracing that category, versus 40 percent of boomers and 36 percent of Matures. The study suggests Xers are similar to Matures in wanting “only the info they’re interested in,” while boomers “want to be mini-experts on everything.” At the same time, Matures are a good deal more likely than the other two groups to feel “there is too much info out there to digest.” For those of you keeping track of the decline of Western civilization, the report also bracketed public figures who have the status of “Media Icons” among Matures, boomers and Xers. One such threesome: Walter Winchell (Matures), Casey Kasem (boomers) and Howard Stern (Xers). Another such sequence: Mel Torme, Elvis Presley and Madonna.

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