Generate Forms Millennial-Focused Research Practice

Generate, the Los Angeles, Calif.-based production firm founded by former WB CEO Jordan Levin, is looking to further establish itself as a company who gets younger demographics with the launch of a new market research practice called Generate Insight.
The company, which has produced original series both for TV and the Web (Comedy Central’s Chocolate News, MSN’ Republicrats), has recently brought on Janis Gaudelli, an expert in the Millennial demographic who had previously run Teen People’s similar and well-regarded Trendspotter group, to serve as Generate Insight’s senior vice president. Since Teen People folded nearly three years ago, Gaudelli has maintained the panel of mostly Millennials (tweens, teens, young adults born after 1978) she had established when her Trendspotter work began. That group now numbers 7,500 “Insighters” who will serve as the primary focus group for Generate’s research.
Gaudelli claims that group is made of influential tastemakers with whom she conducts both quantitative and qualitative research. That research can often take the form of in-person group meetings and even observations of teens in tweens in their real lives. Gaudelli believes the intimate nature of this research, along with the extended the length of her relationship with panelists, should distinguish Generate Insight versus other teen researchers.
“No one else is doing this,” Gaudelli told Mediaweek. “This is very non traditional research…that means going to high school volleyball tournaments and having in-person discussions. It’s about hearing what [ Millennials] are not saying as much as what they are saying. There is such commonality in teen market research. I don’t believe anyone gets as deep as we do.”
That depth should help Generate land more business, according to Levin. The company will be able to offer custom research to potential series partners, or to brands which simply need to gain more insight into younger demographics.
“This is something to enhance what we can bring to the table,” he said. “When you think about companies [producing content] in our space, you ask the question, what audience are they good at reaching? This enhances our position. We’re not a TV company or a digital company, we’re a content that focuses on Millennials.”