Gen X Employees Are Wanted

Blanchard-Schaeffer TV Promotes Snelling
DALLAS–Snelling Personnel Services this week breaks two television commercials targeting Gen Xers in a $4-5 million effort.
Developed by Blanchard-Schaefer in Arlington, Texas, the 15-second spots depict a bored young man sticking a pencil into a fan and a young woman who finds her current job so tedious she falls asleep on a copy machine.
Both television commercials end with an 800 number, which will link callers to recruiters at the nearest Snelling office.
Fred Morache, vice president of marketing and strategic planning for the Dallas-based temporary employment agency, said the campaign was motivated by the tight job market in which the unemployment level has hit a 30-year low.
“The interesting thing is, when I got out of school years ago, we went after the companies trying to get them to hire us. Today [employees] are the scarcity,” he said.
The same ads will be screened in movie theaters, according to local Snelling office participation. An initial seven-week round of advertising on cable TV networks including ESPN and Comedy Central will be followed by another in the fall. K