Geico’s Caveman Continues to Evolve

DALLAS Geico’s offended caveman stands up for himself in a new 30-second television spot from The Martin Agency.

Titled “Topic,” the commercial is the second in the revived caveman campaign for the online insurer.

Offended by Geico’s faux ad slogan, “So easy, a caveman can do it,” a sharply dressed, modern-day caveman seeks to correct the primitive stereotype in a TV news interview.

On a TV screen mimicking cable news programs, a commentator questions the caveman’s sensitivities over the ad slogan. When the caveman challenges the haughty tone of the interviewer, he responds: “Tone aside, historically, you guys have struggled to adapt.”

“Right,” the caveman replies, “walking upright, discovering fire, inventing the wheel, laying the foundation for all mankind. Good point. Sorry we couldn’t get that to you sooner.”

The interviewer then calls for commentary from his on-air associate: “Connie, your reaction?”

“Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the rock,” she says as the caveman shows his exasperation.

Steve Bassett was the creative director on the spot, with Joe Lawson as art director and copywriter. Furlined of Los Angeles served as production company, with Will Speck and Josh Gordon as directors. Spot Welders of Los Angeles provided editing.

Martin, an Interpublic Group agency in Richmond, Va., has created commercials with a variety of themes for Geico. While the Geico Gecko has served as the key icon, the cavemen spots have developed their own following.

Geico is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Md.