Geico “Mirror”

Who doesn’t love a stack of stalker cash with googly eyes on it? Since his debut, Geico’s “Kash” has made his share of friends and foes, but as The Martin Agency continues to roll out these random scenarios where the mascot pops into people’s lives, it becomes clear that the silliness of the concept keeps the character alive. The Mysto & Pizzi version of “Somebody’s Watching Me” certainly helps create a mood. In the latest salvo, it provides a soundtrack for Kash’s travels. He ventures into a diner, where a patron uses a cake cover as a Kash trap; and into a gas station, where a man vacuuming his car uses the cleaning apparatus to make a Kash-grab. In “Mirror,” the spot shown here, the wad of banknotes gets mischievous in a library where, despite the fact that he has no arms, he uses a mirror to flash light into a reader’s eyes. The bookworm’s annoyance quickly turns to joy, as if she’s been expecting her quirky pal to show up all along. Exactly how is Kash getting around and how does he make do without digits? Perhaps it’s a theme for the next campaign. -Eleftheria Parpis