Geek Squad to the Rescue

NEW YORK Crispin Porter + Bogusky is at it again, combining its two major creative fixations—scary plasticized heads and men—in “Mandroid,” a crazy-funny spot for Best Buy’s Geek Squad. “Okay, now you’re completely wireless,” the Geek Squad IT guy tells a woman in her kitchen. Before she can react, however, we hear a creepy voice saying, “Shuper! Shurf the Web!” The voice belongs to an even creepier corpus: a virtual man with pale skin and weird reddish bouffantish hair—a horror movie version of Clay Aiken. At first, I thought the joke would be that with a completely wireless household, all objects would float around in 3-D, no strings attached. Turns out that’s not the joke. “Pretty life-like mandroid you got here,” the Geek Squad guy says. The woman complains that he always oversteeps the tea. “I shaid I was shorry!” the manservant responds. The IT guy is on it, opening up the android’s head and making the adjustments. The tagline is, “Go ahead. Use us.” And really, what’s left to say these days about a tech service that makes housecalls? But visions of future geekdom created to satisfy women—that’s genius.