Gearon Humanizes Search Site

“Arrows’ Points the Way in Direct Hit’s First Foray Into Television
BOSTON-Gearon Hoffman’s inaugural television effort for Direct Hit Technologies humanizes the search engine’s ability to find information based on the popularity of Web sites with users.
The client is spending $15-20 million on its ad efforts.
A 30-second spot dubbed “Arrow,” which broke nationally last week, makes creative use of white space and a large cast of performers who represent average consumers looking for information on the Web.
The actors careen from one side of the set to the other, alternately seeking data on “cargo pants” (they search while dressed in their underwear); “ski resorts” (they search on skis); and “backaches” (they search for relief hunched over).
Overhead shots-à la 1930s film director Busby Berkeley-show the actors forming arrows as they move on the studio floor. The tagline, which bowed earlier on radio, is “One search engine. Millions of minds.”
More TV spots are likely to break through the first quarter of 2000, said Gearon Hoffman president Bob Hoffman.
Since the Internet itself is a highly visual medium, the ads have to be visually arresting, Hoffman added.
“Arrow” is running on prime-time network and cable TV programs. Blitz Media, South Natick, Mass., is handling media chores.
Agency creative directors Dick Davis and Doug Goransson handled art direction and copy, respectively; Christian Hoagland directed.