Gearon Hoffman Intros TV for Tufts Health Plan

BOSTON Gearon Hoffman demonstrates the lengths to which employee decision makers will go for advice on health insurance in its latest television campaign for Tufts Health Plan.

In one 30-second spot from the independent shop in Boston, a woman bumps into another woman in a taxicab. After apologizing, she lets her know she’s seeking a health plan for her company. The other woman tells her that her employer chose Tufts Health Plan. “Yeah, do only rich people use that plan?” wonders the first woman.

“On no, they have options that work for every budget,” the other woman counters. “Now maybe that’s why they’re highest in member satisfaction again.” The first woman thanks her, hugs her and jumps out of the cab.

In another, the same woman approaches a diner counter and the waiter asks what he can get her. “I don’t know, an assistant, a day off, a life?” she asks, then confesses she’s really looking for a health plan. The waiter then responds with a round of praise for Tufts.

Both carry the tag, “No one does more to keep you healthy.” That line, which the client used for a decade in ads until two years ago, when the agency replaced it with “Dedicated to a higher standard,” was revived last year in ads that touted specific services.

The spots are running on network and cable stations throughout Massachusetts.