Gearon Hoffman To Break Radio Ads For Grolsch

Baroque minstrels, Renaissance royalty and painter Peter Paul Rubens are portrayed in Gearon Hoffman’s latest effort for Grolsch beer.
In keeping with the Boston shop’s past work for the brewer, a trio of 60-second radio ads forge a link between the product and its Dutch heritage.
In one spot, Rubens has some difficulty finding the right model for his latest masterpiece. A size four simply won’t suffice. “I’m looking for women here, not waifs,” the artist moans. A voiceover begins: “The date, 1615. Lean times for skinny models, but a great time for a well-aged lager. The crisp, well-balanced taste of Grolsch beer has been enjoyed since the days when full bodied wasn’t merely an advertising cliche.” As the spot closes, Rubens is delighted when a size 14 arrives, and he asks whether she would “mind losing the dress.”
In another spot, a duke and count go out for dinner at Sir Loin’s Steak House, where they are urged to “go right on over to the steak bar and pick out your own steers.” Grolsch lagers are deemed the perfect draught for the occasion, but the royals have to hurry off because they have “tickets to the eight o’clock beheadings.”
The final ad, set in “the days when the unplugged version was the only version,” features a minstrel introducing “Evil Renaissance Woman,” which he claims is “a little ballad I wrote for the princess.”
The spots end with the tagline, “Master Dutch brewers since 1615,” which was introduced by Gearon Hoffman for the client last year.
The ads, breaking this week in markets nationwide, will run through February. The client spends approximately $5 million annually on advertising, Hoffman said. Carat MBS in New York handles media placement.
In the current effort, radio is used instead of print to get greater penetration for the client’s marketing dollar, said agency president Bob Hoffman, who shares creative director credits with Jon Pietz. Hoffman and Marc Simon wrote the copy.
More radio and outdoor ads will appear in the spring, Hoffman said.