gearon, grolsch lift spirits

Gearon Hoffman abandons subtlety in an outdoor campaign for Grolsch Beer that features a busty barmaid bursting from her blouse and the legend, “Uplifting since 1615.”
Bob Hoffman, president of the agency in Boston, defended the bawdy billboards, pointing out that the new executions constitute a continuation of the shop’s recent efforts to play up the brand’s
heritage through images from classic Dutch art.
In fact, the barmaid–illustrated by David Bowers–was inspired by the works of Peter Paul Rubens. And since the headline was crafted by copywriter Jane Roper, it would be unfair to brand the effort as sexist, Hoffman said.
The boards will appear this summer in major markets, including Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.
–David Gianatasi