GE Capital is looking at re-branding its portfolio of credit cards, including its Monogram Bank cards, and its numerous private-label cards. The company, which launched the GE Rewards card last fall, is talking to agencies with direct marketing divisions. If the idea flies, the Monogram Bank name would go away, and be replaced by some new brand with ‘GE’ in it. Monogram Bank is the 16th largest issuer of affinity cards. One brand under consideration is ‘GE Classic.’ The company would also add the GE moniker to other cards it backs, such as Montgomery Ward. GE has not done too well with its GE Rewards card, according to analysts, who have criticized the company for underspending on media, and for putting together a reward program that is too complicated for consumers to decipher. One agency reportedly not in the running for this project is Ross Roy Direct, which handled the direct portion of the Rewards card, while Hal Riney & Partners got the creative portion.
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