GBM’s Waterscapes Promote XOXO Shoes

LOS ANGELES Global Brand Marketing has unveiled a spring/summer advertising campaign for its XOXO footwear brand featuring underwater photography by Tracy Kahn.

The campaign, created in-house, includes three print executions, each depicting a woman underwater. One execution pictures a woman wearing only an orange feather boa and orange open-toed shoes. A second ad has a woman in a sheer pink dress and multi-colored open-toed shoes, while the third execution shows a woman wearing a Pucci-inspired dress and lime green heels.

“We wanted to do something unique and exciting that highlights the beauty of the product and positions the brand for the future,” said GBM CEO Killick Datta in a statement. “The campaign prompts consumers to conceptualize the style detail of the footwear in a truly distinctive setting.”

The ads will begin running in February trades such as Footwear News, Footwear Plus and Sportswear International. A consumer campaign is still being negotiated and will appear in young women’s fashion publications, according to a representative for GBM in Santa Barbara, Calif. Spending on the campaign could not immediately be determined.