On Gaston Life Support

WWL Gives Cancer Center a TV Personality
ATLANTA–Seeking to build a name for itself amid the clutter of regional medical organizations’ ads, Gaston HealthCare is breaking its first image television effort with an ad highlighting the hospital’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.
The video collage was created by the client’s hometown agency, Wray Ward Laseter in Charlotte, N.C. WWL hopes to “build a real attitude and a personality for the hospital,” said agency president Jim Laseter. “This particular spot is setting a tone for everything we’re doing.”
Gaston’s Comprehensive Cancer Center already enjoys an established reputation, said WWL copywriter Tom Cocke. The purpose of the 30-second ad, “Multimedia,” is to add to the facility’s credibility via “a real high-tech and sophisticated look,” said Cocke. To achieve that look, WWL blended on-screen type with visuals of X-rays and doctors, as well as metaphoric images: an old book, a sundial and a sunflower that droops before reopening. The latter represents someone fading with cancer, then being renewed with treatment, Cocke said. Most of the film footage is stock, he added.
“You hear about it every day,” the voiceover says. “Cancer this, cancer that. So-and-so’s got cancer.” The voice goes on to mention the latest treatments at Gaston’s cancer center. The client’s “We’re here for life” tagline ends the spot.
Cocke collaborated with executive creative director Jennifer Appleby and art director Shawn Kelley. WWL hired David Hwang, formerly of Two-Headed Monster Productions in Hollywood, Calif., to produce the spot. Hwang has produced national commercials for Kodak and Lifesavers, among others.
Gaston is considering a similar branding approach for its cardiology services, Laseter said. Charlotte-area network and cable stations are airing the current spot through May. Print and outdoor ads round out the campaign.