Garfinkel draws on old friends in building Lowe creative department

Soft-drink war watchers were intrigued last week by the hiring of five new creative people at Lowe & Partners. It was the most junior of the hires, however, that really raised eyebrows. In a small raid on his former employer, BBDO, Lowe vice chairman/chief creative officer Lee Garfinkel hired a key creative team from the Pepsi account: Todd Godwin and C.J. Waldman, who were each given the title of vice president/creative group head.
The shift of two Garfinkel loyalists rekindled speculation that Lowe was positioning itself to be ready for any opportunities that might trickle out of Coca-Cola headquarters. In recent months, the agency has gotten several small assignments from Coke.
But Lowe & Partners executives said last week’s hiring was simply part of a focused effort to make the New York creative department as strong as possible. In fact, Garfinkel said last week that none of the new hires had yet been assigned to specific accounts.
The new hires also include a senior creative team: senior vp/creative group heads Amy Borkowsky and Peter Cohen, and a new production chief, Bob Nelson. To make way for Nelson, senior vp/director of TV production Cynthia Woodward was dismissed from the agency last week.
The moves were part of a restructuring of the Lowe creative department into five group divisions. In addition to the two new group teams, Dennis D’Amico, Barbara Siegel and the team of Harold Karp and Steve Ohman will each lead a division.
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