Gardner Geary Debuts Diamond Walnut Work

Gardner Geary Coll here is launching a campaign just in time for Thanksgiving.

The breaking TV push is part of its first $5 million national campaign for Diamond Walnuts. The spots broke Nov. 13 and will run through the end of the holiday season in San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as on national cable programming.

The 30-second spot titled “Holiday Favor” features a young boy named Billy who is sent next door to get more Diamond Walnuts for a recipe. Billy is shown trudging along a snowy field repeating “Diamond Walnuts” like a mantra as he apprehensively approaches the neighbor’s house.

When Billy finally arrives and asks the neighbor for the walnuts, she returns with a single nut, dropping it in his measuring cup and sending him off.

The spot ends with a voiceover suggesting that one buy enough walnuts to share during the holidays.

While the spot looks cold and wintery, it was actually shot on synthetic snow on a hot day in Toronto. Agency creatives said the ad was a dark turn on the old “trip next door” many children took for their parents.

“There’s a relevance to this ad because everyone can identify with this situation,” said Brad Clark, the shop’s general manager. “It’s also a spoof on the holiday feel-good thing.”

“It has an unexpected twist because you are thinking it’s going to be a sentimental spot,” Clark added. “But the neighbor ends up saying these things are so important, I can only give you one of them.”

Meantime, the agency also said its first work for client Thomas Weisel will break in January.

The shop recently won the investment bank’s $5 million account after a review of several Bay Area agencies.