Gap, Modernista! Prepare to Part

BOSTON — A reorganization of the Gap’s marketing department appears to have ended the retailer’s yearlong relationship with Modernista!

A planned spring TV blitz for the Gap from the Boston shop, initially set to debut in mid-March, has been shelved, and the San Francisco-based retailer presently has no plan to work with the Boston agency on upcoming assignments, sources said.

Modernista! general manager Matt Lindley referred questions to the client.

Gap representative Rebecca Weill said future advertising plans will be made on a “campaign by campaign basis” but she did not elaborate. For the near-term, the Gap will work on a “consulting basis” with west coast creative director Lisa Prisco, who had guided Gap campaigns in the late-1990s before Modernista! was retained, Weill said.

Modernista! since late 2000 had fashioned seasonal Gap campaigns, including its spring push featuring some 50 celebrities in dozens of print ads breaking in March and April issues of consumer magazines. The Gap spends about $100 million annually on ads, according to CMR.

The Gap this week eliminated the title of chief marketing officer and returned Amy Schoening, who had held that title, back to her previous role a head of Banana Republic’s marketing department. Schoening had originally hired Modernista! The two-year-old agency employs about 50 people and also works for Avon, Converse, GM’s Hummer and MTV.