Game Over Points Finger at Nike

NEW YORK — A sportswear company in Queens, New York, is charging that Nike stole the basketball/dance routine used in the TV ad “Freestyle” created by its ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. In a civil suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, the company Game Over claims it created the dance style that combines hip-hop moves with ball handling. The suit charges Nike and with unfair competition and seeks unspecified damages.

“A judge may look at this and throw it right out,” said Game Over attorney Fred Tecce. “Our position is Game Over developed the whole concept and now people think they took it from Nike. It is creating confusion.

The critically acclaimed 60-second ad, which has also been produced as a two-and-a-half-minute extended commercial appearing on MTV, features a number of NBA players who and was choreographed by Tony winner Savion Glover.

Representatives from Nike said the suit was without merit.

“On the chance that the case is not thrown out by a judge before reaching trial, we look forward to defending our position in court,” said Nike in a statement. “We emphatically deny engaging in unfair competition or otherwise violating anyone’s rights, including Game Over’s.”