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Game Maker Activision Taps Ground Zero

Ground Zero has won the estimated $5 million-plus Activision account, after a review.
The Santa Monica, Calif., agency prevailed over finalists dGWB, Irvine, Calif., Colby Effler & Partners and Tool of North America, both Santa Monica. Mike Agate, president of Select Resources International in Los Angeles, conducted the review.
“Ground Zero’s presentations impressed us with their fresh approach and thinking to our business,” said Eric Johnson, senior vice president of marketing for the Santa Monica-based interactive entertainment software publisher. “The agency’s strategic ability to identify with the core of each of our titles, coupled with their creative firepower, will ensure that our games will break through the clutter.”
Jim Smith, managing partner of Ground Zero, said the agency “especially likes the way Activision is committed to building their business through the development of clear, simple title positioning and branding.”
The shop has begun developing broadcast ads that will be introduced this spring.
Ground Zero’s previous experience in the interactive game advertising category was a factor in its winning the business, according to Johnson.
“Ground Zero has created some of the most interesting advertising targeting our audience, and we are excited to be working with a company that has such strong commitment to delivering great creative [work],” he said.
Ground Zero won several awards for its work for SegaSoft, a competing interactive game publisher. The agency no longer handles that account.
Rubin Postaer and Associates, Santa Monica, resigned the Activision account late last year, after completing some broadcast work for the company.
Activision markets games for Microsoft Windows-compatible personal computers, and for Sony PlayStation, Sega and Nintendo game systems. Some of its titles include Earthworm Jim, Fighter Squadron and Hyperblade.