Game Fuel’s Victory of ‘Defeat’

NEW YORK It’s always fun watching other people cracking up in front of the television, and this spot has plenty of meltdowns. “Defeat,” from BBDO, New York, introduces Mountain Dew’s limited-edition, extra-caffeinated Game Fuel, a citrus-cherry-flavored drink tied into the long-awaited release of Xbox’s hit videogame, Halo 3. The commercial doesn’t need to say much to convey the drink’s oh-so-special powers. One after another, all around the world, men scream in dismay in front of their TV screens, videogame controllers flying out of their hands. The final shot reveals the source of their pain: a Game Fuel drinker has outsmarted and beat them all. He’s the only one smiling in front of his set. “New Mountain Dew Game Fuel cranked up for Halo 3,” the voiceover explains. “Chug it and have no mercy.”