With Gallop, Style Meets Substance

What would a Cindy Gallop tribute be without talk of Gucci clothes, foie gras and martinis? Last week’s Woman of the Year luncheon, put on by the Advertising Women of New York, didn’t disappoint in that regard. But sprinkled between jabs and barbs about her extravagant tastes were heartfelt thoughts about the 43-year-old Bartle Bogle Hegarty leader’s passion for the industry and dedication to friends.

BBH co-founders Nigel Bogle and John Hegarty marveled at Gallop’s frenetic pace, be it walking down the street (“Cindy is very aptly named,” Bogle quipped) or dealing with a “spotty 18-year-old” dot-com client prospect, as Hegarty recalled in a video message. After the kid declared that he worked in “Internet time,” Gallop “fired off about 20 questions, none of which he could answer,” said Hegarty. Cindy’s parting words? “You may be on Internet time, but around here, we’re on Gallop time!”

Global planning chief Emma Cookson toasted Gallop’s down-to-earth nature, such as her willingness to answer her own phone and make her own coffee. And longtime pal Kate Bristow of M&C Saatchi nearly brought Gallop to tears when she thanked her for being godmother to her child and the “best role model for women.”

Gallop, who received a crystal award as well as a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold from client Schieffelin & Somerset, held it together long enough to thank the crowd of 275. Recognizing a litany of co-workers by first name, she said, “I honor each and every one of you,” before concluding, “I really have to go off into a corner and burst into tears, because I don’t think I can stand up here any longer.”