Fuse’s MySpace Promo Solicits Band Videos

NEW YORK Music channel Fuse is running a music video contest on MySpace, with the best submission getting airplay on Fuse’s video-on-demand channel and MySpace.

The Fuse promotion solicits one- to three-minute music videos from MySpace’s membership. On Nov. 7, Fuse and agency Deep Focus will select five finalists, from which MySpace members will pick the winner.

MySpace, which News Corp. bought for $580 million in July, has become a popular launching pad for up-and-coming bands. In just two years of existence, it has attracted 35 million members and ranks in the top five Web sites for attracting page views.

With its big user base among those under 25, MySpace also has seen success in attracting advertisers with campaigns that tap into the sharing aspect of the social-networking site. Brands like Old Spice have run promotions offering free music downloads, and Fanta held a band contest with the winner playing at a concert sponsored by the soft drink.

Fuse has set up its own “space” on the site, which it is using to drive traffic to the spaces of the competing bands, along with background information about the groups.