Fuse Campaign Touts 2-Second Tents

BOSTON With camping season in full swing, Fuse has introduced a series of 10-second TV spots for Decathlon Sports touting its distribution of Quechua’s 2-Second Tent.

The brevity, content and pacing of the spots underscore the message: These tents are ready in just two seconds. Each ad shows campers flinging the tents into the air; a moment later, they’re ready for habitation. On-screen text in one execution reads: “Instructions: 1.) Throw in air. 2.) Enjoy.” Another asks the question, “Does your tent do this?” A third promises, “We’re also working on the instant campfire.”

The integrated campaign from the independent agency in Waltham, Mass., includes advertising, public relations and interactive elements. (Independent Forge, which shares office space with Fuse, had a hand in the effort’s creative development.)

The work will run mainly on greater Boston-area media through July 15. The company has also launched a microsite allowing users to view the TV ads as well as third-party product reviews.

Decathlon has four Massachusetts locations: Bellingham, Burlington, Hanover and Norwood. Estimated ad spending is in the low-six-figure range.

—Adweek staff report

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