Funds Group Taps Hunt Adkins

BOSTON Guinness Atkinson Asset Management has selected Hunt Adkins to handle its brand advertising, which had previously been in-house, the agency said. There was no review.

The assignment for the agency in Minneapolis includes newspaper, magazine and Internet ads, as well as Web site development. The first work will break in September, and efforts will target direct investors and financial advisors.

Jim Atkinson, client CEO, said the agency “demonstrated a wide-ranging ability to speak to consumers with a distinctive and resonant, voice. In the sea of sameness that is financial advertising, I am confident they can create a bond between our funds and the investors who can benefit from them.”

Hunt Adkins chief strategy officer Faith James added, “Most consumers see a mutual fund as a mutual fund. And why wouldn’t they? That’s how they’re marketed. It’s the path of least resistance. But my mom told me, ‘Never do easy.’ At Hunt Adkins we tease out the unexpected angle that is hidden in plain sight.”

The client maintains offices in Los Angeles and London, managing a family of six no-load mutual funds.

Independent Hunt Adkins claims about $40 million in billings and also works for Schwan’s Home Service, Fujitsu Global Business Computing Systems, Northern Tool + Equipment and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota, among others.