‘Fun’ San Diego Gets a Facelift

Di Zinno Thompson Integrated Marketing Solutions breaks its first work for the San Diego Convention and Tourism Bureau next month, depicting the city as a casual and comfortable vacation destination.
The print and TV campaign is set to roll out in phases, with print ads to appear in October issues of Sunset and other travel magazines, and TV to break early in the first quarter of 1998.
The print ads include color and black-and-white photographs of people enjoying themselves in San Diego. A San Diego postmark is also placed on each ad.
The TV work consists of two 30-second spots, with modern and historical pictures of people cavorting in sprinklers, hanging out on beaches and riding a Ferris wheel. The ads are scored to a Billie Holiday song featuring the lyric, “Get some fun out of life,” which is the campaign’s tagline.
“You can come to San Diego and just be yourself,” said Di Zinno president Tom
Di Zinno. “[The city] affords you the ability to just be you, which we tried to show through the visuals in the campaign.”
Newspaper, radio and a wrapped train that runs from San Luis Obispo, Calif., to San Diego are set to support the magazine and TV work.
The agency won the estimated $3 million account last June after a review of San Diego agencies.