Fun With Phonics

Baltimore’s Nasuti & Hinkle takes word play to an extreme for a local restaurant.
In a series of five postcards aimed at workers in the Inner Harbor area, headlines employ the local dialect, or “Bawlama-rese,” to establish Windows as a genuine Baltimore place and announce its happy hour specials, including a tapas buffet.
“Awdun new from topless. Awdun keer from topless. So nawse view, sol aw new,” reads one postcard. Thankfully, the translation is on the back: “I don’t know from tapas. I don’t care from tapas. It’s a nice view, that’s all I know.” Another reads: “New rully. Deh new goy owees boysa furse ron.” In English: “No, really. The new guy always buys the first round.”
N&H creative director Woody Hinkle said the shop wrote the head-lines and taped city natives reading the copy. The latter was then transcribed phonetically.
The direct mail effort breaks in late April.
–Katy Eckmann