Fuji Gets Smart With Don Adams

FujiFilm Medical Systems’ advertising now features Don Adams’ Maxwell Smart character from the 1960s TV show Get Smart.

The effort from Marquardt & Roche/Meditz & Hackett, Stamford, Conn., introduces the client’s SmartCR digital x-ray equipment.

The ad shows Adams talking on his shoe phone, with a text bubble that reads, “Chief, it’s Max. I’ve stumbled onto something really big. Would you believe something really small?” The headline is “Get smart. SmartCR from Fuji.”

“The name of the product is what drove us there,” said M&R/M&H president Howard Meditz, of the agency’s decision to feature Adams in the ad. “It seemed an intrusive and noteworthy way to introduce the product, by using a character that is ‘Smart.'” The push for the client is running in medical trade journals.