Fuji Builds Awareness For Atomm

Aiming to boost awareness of its leading-edge data storage products, Fuji last week launched an ingredient-branding campaign in trade books to support its proprietary “Atomm” technology.
The “Inside scoop” campaign, via Asatsu, Tokyo, and Asatsu/BBDO, Gardena, Calif., advances an effort begun last year to build awareness for Atomm (advanced super-thin-layer, high-output metal media), which increases data storage density. Atomm is a key component in Iomega Zip disks (also the focus of an ingredient-branding drive), high-end DLT data cartridges and HiFD, a new, 200-megabyte format co-developed by Fuji and Sony and due by mid-year.
The campaign consists of one print ad and a 10-page tongue-in-cheek supermarket tabloid-style insert slated for PC Week, ComputerWorld and other major trade publications. A prototype shows Fuji leveraging such wacky and familiar tabloid themes as aliens, psychic readings and the world’s biggest brain to highlight the revolutionary superiority of Atomm.
“Our No. 1 objective is to say, ‘We are the company responsible for developing next-generation data storage products,'” said Scott McNulty, Fuji’s marketing manager, computer products division.
Under the headline, “Get the inside scoop on Zip, DLT and DDF-3,” the ad pictures a woman who appears to be caught in the act, trying to hide her face. The implication is that information that some people don’t want the world to know is getting out–i.e., that Fuji technology is the key driver inside major storage products. The subhead invites readers to “Discover how Fuji Film and Atomm technology made them possible.”