FUBU Repositions U.S. Brand as FB Legacy

FUBU, a clothing brand that hasn’t been widely available in the U.S. for the better part of a decade, is back with a new name and viral campaign riffing on Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads.

Now known as FB Legacy, the brand has loaded the videos on its Web site. The digital-only effort spotlights the new brand identity and clothing collection as “sportswear for the modern man that will compliment any wardrobe,” said FUBU founder Daymond John.
The virals use the “Mac vs. PC” motif from Apple’s long-running campaign to demonstrate the difference between FB Legacy and current fads. Each vignette features an actor, athlete or artist who represents Mr. FB. Created in-house, the effort carries the tagline: “Trend is short. Style is forever.”
In one spot, called “Trendy vs. Slim Thug,” Slim Thug stands opposite a guy dressed in tight jeans and T-shirt. The rapper proclaims that his style is not about baggy jeans, which he says were popular 10 years ago. As he flashes a wad of cash in front of the camera, he tells “Trendy” that he wouldn’t be able to fit it “in them tight jeans.” Slim Thug ends with the tag: “Trend is short. Style is forever, baby. What’s your FB?”

“What’s your FB?” is the overarching theme of the marketing effort, which John said will also be used in online testimonials created by consumers. About two months from now, fans will be able to generate videos describing what their FB is. “‘What’s your FB?’ opens up the campaign . . . it encourages a conversation with the brand,” said John.
The FB Legacy collection, which will hit stores in July, is an opportunity for FUBU—a brand that has struggled with some negative connotations in the U.S.—to return to its roots. “It’s about the power of FUBU and what it means to the fashion world. We are trying to educate the kids about the history of it,” said John, noting that the target consumer is male 15 to 25. “We’re a legendary brand. We were around for a long time.”

Founded in 1992 by John and three of his friends in Queens, N.Y., FUBU, an acronym for “For Us, By Us,” sells casual wear, sports wear, suits, shoes and accessories for men. Over the years, the brand became known for its hip-hop style clothing, worn by young urban men. About seven years ago, FUBU moved primarily overseas and has opened stores in several countries.