fruits of one’s labor

Having landed the raspberry and blueberry work, nailed the pear account and even picked up business from the potato people, Oregon’s KnollGroup is now set to pitch strawberries. And yes, they know how to play hardball.

The Portland advertising and public relations agency was the walkaway winner of an account aimed at “promoting, researching and educating the public about Oregon straw berries.” The business came to the 48-year-old shop based largely on its success with other state agricultural accounts. Ads are set to break July 1.

According to agency principal Timm Locke, the plan is to pit Oregon’s crop against California’s. “The fact is, Oregon’s strawberries have more flavor and better color than Calif ornia’s strawberries,” said Locke. “That’s a story we really want to get out.”

Still, while any account is plum in the current environment, Locke is understandably con cerned that KnollGroup may become “the fruit and vegetable agency.”

“We wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed in any one area, but we really understand the fruit and vegetable category,” he said.