Fruitful Enterprise

Copacino is guiding Nextlink into new markets, with help from a rotten tomato.
A print ad (shown here) from the Seattle creative shop plays off the dismal image of many local phone providers and promises that Nextlink can and will do better.
“We’re a phone company. (Don’t hold that against us.)” reads the headline; below is an image of a splattered tomato, presumably chucked in distress by a rival’s client at the end of his rope. Nextlink’s “near-fanatical approach to customer service” keeps it from having to dodge rotten fruit, the ad implies, and may even make the company “a target of your admiration. Not your irritation.”
“The people who are going to make the move to a new local phone provider are the ones who have said, basically, ‘I’ve had enough.’ They’re frustrated,” said Copacino partner and account supervisor Betti Fujikado.
The ad is now running in Washington state and is being picked up for use by various Nextlink affiliates around the country. –Tim Nudd