Fruit of the Loom TV Ads Return

Ending a two-year hiatus, Fruit of the Loom returns to television on Monday with a campaign from new agency The Richards Group.

With an estimated $10-12 million budget, the campaign introduces a new tagline, “Good days start with Fruit of the Loom.” One ad shows a series of men getting dressed and rehearsing saying, “I do” in front of the mirror; another shows kids practicing their smiles in preparation for picture day at school; in the third, women rehearse telling husbands they’re pregnant.

While Fruit of the Loom is well-remembered for ads featuring the “fruit guys” in giant fruit costumes, both client and agency representatives said the goal of the new approach is to better showcase the variety of fashions available beyond the brand’s classic offering of men’s white underwear. The spots will air on national network, cable and syndicated programming through Labor Day.