Uh, oh. That persistent frog from the video-game Frogger is back—and is still jumping into the paths of cars and crocodiles.

A new TV and print campaign for Hasbro Interactive’s Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge, by Griffin Bacal in New York, shows the frog dodging a slew of wacky foes.

“No matter how dangerous the adventure,” says the voiceover in one spot as an animatronic frog leaps before a car and is taken by stretcher to a hospital emergency room. “No matter how villainous the villain.” (Frogger—now with a head bandage—jumps into a croc’s mouth and appears on the stretcher again.) “He’ll risk it all!”

In the end, a doctor stands over Frogger’s bed as the heart monitor dies to a straight line. “I think we lost him,” she says—then Frogger’s tongue shoots out, zapping the monitor back to life.

Gerry Lantz, worldwide account director on Hasbro at Griffin Bacal-DDB, said inspiration for the effort “comes right out of the game.” He noted that the “iconic” nature of Frogger helps substitute for a specific tagline. “Frogger kind of speaks for himself,” he said.

TV broke late last month on cable stations such as TBS and USA. Print is running in mag-azines such as People and Entertainment Weekly.