Friskies Invites Famous Felines to Its Bacon-Themed SXSW Gallery

Activation stars a few of the Internet's favorite things

If cats are the unofficial animal mascot of the Internet, bacon might be their culinary equivalent. (Seriously, will people ever tire of reading lists of things that could be improved with bacon?) Last weekend at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Friskies managed to combine the two in a clickbait-worthy activation promoting the brand's new line of bacon-flavored cat food. 

Portrait of Nala Cat, using bacon and cat food, by Jason Mecier

The "Haus of Bacon" pop-up art gallery offered guests a chance to hobnob with celebrity felines, including Friskies' spokescat Grumpy Cat as well as Nala Cat, Waffles, SamHasEyebrows, Oskar the Blind Cat and his brother Klaus. They also got to browse pop artist Jason Mecier's "one-of-a-kind" cat portraits made from bacon, dry cat food and Friskies packaging and, of course, nibble on a few bacon-covered treats.

Friskies is continuing the campaign through May 8 with a Web page that allows you to make your own meme with photos of celebrity cats. The brand starts you off with the line "Accents of Bacon? In Cat food?" You add the rest of the copy.

Friskies is encouraging people to share their memes on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #CatDreamsComeTrue for a chance to win a year of bacon. That's right—the company will ship 3 pounds of bacon to someone's door every month for a year.