Friskies “Adventureland”

Wonder what cats dream about? This Friskies spot from Avrett, Free & Ginsberg takes TV viewers on a psychedelic jaunt though the ultimate cat fantasy, an “adventureland” filled with all the turkey, chicken, beef and fish it can possibly desire. The ad begins like any other cat food commercial: a hungry tabby trots into the kitchen for a can of food. When the lid is popped off a magical window appears that, when stepped through, takes her on the trippiest ride catnip could buy. She meets turkeys who bow and dance with her, takes a ride on a fish-shaped sailboat and enjoys a musical salute by chickens and bouncing chicks who flank her path back to her meal. The spot, set to a poppy tune where a female singer details the “journey to delicious and beyond,” and ends with the cat back in her home, enjoying her meal and the tagline, “Feed the senses.” Definitely a cat food ad like no other (but it does bring to mind the animated adventure in Honda’s award-winning “Grrr.”)  Purina offers an iPhone game for download on its site, as well as a whole bunch of other extras. An eye-catching execution for pet parents, but the ad did little to interest my felines, who barely bothered to interrupt naptime to catch a glimpse. Maybe an upcoming 3-D version will do the trick. –Eleftheria Parpis