Fright of the Living Dead

Someone give this Mark Lacy guy a Maddy award.

The actor and Virginia Military Institute graduate was recently hired by McCarthy Mam bro Bertino for a darkly comic Infogrames spot filmed in a morgue, and he shocked MMB staffers by appearing anything but chilly toward the refriger ated cadavers. “You know how an actor has to get into a role? He was into it a little too much,” says MMB partner and co-creative director Jamie Mambro. “He was excited—he never got freaked out. It was weird. I think he got turned on by it.”

In the ad, Lacy’s charac ter plays dead at the morgue until his wife arrives to claim his body. Rather than build a set, MMB shot at St. Mary’s Morgue in L.A. “[Lacy] was lying next to several dead bodies [in bags]. It was freaky,” says Mambro.

But Lacy says he was freaked out, too. “They Cloroxed [the drawer] before I got in, but it’s sound proof and lightproof,” he says. “I tried to act like was into it. It was by far the oddest location and the oddest concept.” He says he hummed Elvis tunes to distract himself.

The Boston agency’s staffers were uncom for table, too. Art director Jamie Day got so agitated that copy writer Mark Moll dared him to spend five minutes in a cooler with the bodies. “Before he could do it, we got busted by a security guard,” says Mambro. “He said, ‘OK, that’s enough fun with the dead people.’ ”

Element Productions in Boston produced the spot; Rudi Shwab directed.