Friendly’s “Ice Cream World.”

Imagine a Norman Rockwell-esque family, mom, dad, junior, and kitten, sitting in a booth at Friendly’s, eating ice cream; next thing we know, they’re taking part in some latter-day Electric Kool-Aid Acid test. Off on a Kandy-Kolored reverie, parents and kiddies encounter exploding multi-colored sprinkles, flying chocolate peanut butter Frisbees and ice cream trees next to a river of chocolate. (Where are the marmalade skies?) But the acid trip ends there: soon we see the family of four bicycling down a path, wearing dorky head gear, and then unceremoniously dumped back into their Friendly booth. The female announcer sure sounds super-friendly, and she ends with the tagline: “Where Ice Cream Makes the Meal.” We’ve seen this sort of psychedelic animation for the eco-minded British Honda commercial (“hate something/change something”) but, by contrast, here it seems to be offered up irony-free. Certainly, the spot will get the attention of bored teenagers who’ve got to be wondering, “What the hell is in that ice cream?” And I don’t want to be there when they find out that the real frozen stuff that they’re spooning up is not exactly a trip to Gummi Bear mountain. Zimmerman Advertising created the campaign.–Barbara Lippert