A Friend In Knead

When Allen Kay heard that a friend of his daughter was opening up a business, sending flowers and a card just didn’t seem appropriate.
Instead, the founder of New York-based Korey Kay & Partners gave his creativity.
Jennifer Brody grew up next door to the Kay family. Brody and her fiancƒ, chef Jeffrey Kohn, had pretty much everything they needed to launch their business, The Kneaded Bread in Port Chester, N.Y.–a bakery selling homemade specialty breads. Everything, that is, except a logo.
When they told Kay of their plans, he thought up an image of a hand-painted logo (shown here).
“All the bread is made by hand,” said Kay. “So I wanted everything connected with the logo to be done by hand.”
Kay immediately sketched out a rough image of the logo which was fleshed out later.
The logo debuted Saturday on the shop’s signage, placemats and stationery, as well as on hand-painted, handmade ceramic dishes that are sold in the bakery. –Sloane Lucas