Fried’s ‘Nice Guys’ Finish First in Insurance Spots

BOSTON–In three humorous radio ads plugging Palisades Insurance Co., the Firesign Theatre comedy troupe helps bring to life “the world where everything is nice.”
How nice is it? The helpful namesake of Daphne’s Does-It-All Diner chews patrons’ food for them; rush hour traffic “just keeps rolling along”; and neighbors mow each other’s lawns for free.
Perhaps the only way to improve this idyllic existence, according to the spots, would be to hire Hoboken, N.J.-based Palisades. The tagline describes the client as “The nice New Jersey car insurance company.”
Ads were crafted by Fried Advertising, Needham, Mass., led by Marvin Fried, a former partner in defunct Boston shop McKay Fried Communications.