Fricks Helps Logan’s Decide

‘Hopping Little Joint’ Switches Ad Partners
ATLANTA–An unsolicited pitch letter from Fricks/Firestone here to Logan’s Restaurant led to meetings between the two parties and, ultimately, the client’s $4-5 million account moving without a review to the agency.
The business had been with Gish, Sherwood & Friends in Nashville, Tenn., where Logan’s is headquartered. That agency will continue to service the account through October. Fricks is currently planning a fourth-quarter effort.
According to the president of the roadhouse-type restaurant chain, Edwin Moats, the timing of Fricks’ correspondence was fortuitous.
“We were ready to make a change and I was quite sure what I was looking for [in an agency],” Moats said. “[Fricks] impressed me right up front by saying, ‘You can expect results from day one, or we’ve failed.’ “
Moats added that the future direction of advertising is being determined. Logan’s currently refers to itself as “The hopping little joint down the road.”
The chain operates 33 moderately priced restaurants and plans to add 20 locations in the next 18 months.
“They are planning on entering some large markets,” said agency president John Fricks. “They won’t be coming in with the kind of spending levels [larger chains have], so each dollar is going to have to do the work of three.”