The French Connection

Hauser Advertising invited customers to belly up to the bar with in Cannes.
Los Angeles-based Hauser designed 55 different promotional pieces for the Santa Monica, Calif.-based dot-com that were displayed along the Croissette in Cannes during the first three weeks of May–when the film festival crowd was at its height.
A key element of the campaign was sheer volume. “[Emerging companies] need to be seen. You’re going to want to put enough [materials] out there to stand out,” said agency principal Cliff Hauser. From billboards to hotel door hangers, the Reelplay ads featuring retro black-and-white photographs met the public at every turn.
Sympathy was another central element. One image featured an exasperated man and the words “3000 films in 10 days? Have fun!” The same image appeared on cards offering to buy a drink for harried moviegoers.
“There’s way too much stuff to digest in way too short a time at any kind of trade show. Reelplay understands their pain,” said Hauser.
–Alexandra Sartor