Television has done wonders for the vintage clothing of the Nat Nast Company.

Since premiering on Budweiser’s “Whassup” spot during the 2000 Super Bowl telecast, the West Norfolk, Conn., shirt maker’s wares have been making their mark on broadcast and cable TV shows.

The loose-cut sports shirts, featuring embroidered images of retro cars, music and travel scenes, are favorites among actors on The Sopranos, Will & Grace, Friends andWest Wing.

Bolt, an ad agency in Charlotte, N.C., has held the clothier’s account for a year.

“The placements have been great,” said agency principal Jamey Boiter, “and we’ve yet to pay the first dime.”

The company’s original shirts, designed by late founder Nat Nast in 1946, were selling oneBay for $350 in 1999 when Nast’s daughters, Patty and Barbara, were prompted to relaunch the brand.

Sales are up, said Boiter, who uses stills from television shows as promotional devicesat trade shows. The collection is now sold by more than 400 retailers, up from 300 a year ago.