Free NetMetrics from Plurimus

Plurimus Corp., a Durham, N.C.-based Internet measurement and research firm, today began offering its NetMetrics Standard report free of charge. The report delivers data such as reach, frequency and duration of the top 1,000 Web sites and is available for download at

According to Tracy Scott, president and CEO at Plurimus, the free NetMetrics Standard report will give potential customers a taste of what Plurimus can provide beyond audience measurement data.

“Up until our [report] was introduced, audience measurement had been the only game in town,” Scott said. “Because we’re new and not established, we by default get put into the audience measurement segment. Our core competency is the granularity and the flexibility of our data. We’ve got so much data at our fingertips and it can be analyzed across so many dimensions. It’s used in a much more sophisticated way than your typical audience measurement product.”

Unlike Media Metrix and Nielsen NetRatings, the two leading Web measurement firms, Plurimus does not use a panel-based model to measure consumer Web usage. Instead, Plurimus has partnered with more than 50 national ISPs to track Web usage from the ISP level. Reports and services from Plurimus can range from introductory-level products that start at $3,500 to annual subscription product suites that can exceed $100,000 a year. Current customers include REI, Sharper Image and

“It’s the tip of the iceberg and we want to get people to know what Plurimus can offer and know what our core competency is,” said Poul Heilmann, vp of marketing at Plurimus. “We figured, if we can prime the pump, this is a good way to show customers where they can go with us.”